Confused? The Official Do’s and Don’ts for Success When You Sell eBooks Online

Just as more and more people are moving away from the traditional brick and mortar stores and are going to the online world, the same is happening with traditional books. People love to use eBooks as a great incentive for customers in order to get their email addresses or to get them to visit their ecommerce, but they also love to use them as a way to express themselves without having to go to traditional publishers. However, just because the process may be easier than publishing a traditional book, there are still some definite dos and don’ts when you want to sell eBooks online so keep on reading to find out what some of them are.

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Don’t stress

Getting overwhelmed is one of the biggest problems that a lot of first time writers encounter, but just because the process of writing an eBook seems like a daunting one, it doesn’t mean that you need to stress and put even more pressure on yourself. The key to keeping calm and making the process enjoyable is setting a plan in place. Knowing what you are writing about, setting a reasonable timeline before the book is published, having a clear schedule for when you are going to write and how many words you want to write a day are all things that may seem like small details, but can actually be incredibly helpful when it comes to staying calm, focused and on track.

Do proofread

A lot of people think that editing is the last thing they need to do before they sell eBooks online, but that is definitely not true. Even after the editing process the need for a good proofreading is still there. That is because when the editors are looking at the book, they are focused more on the substance rather than the typos and any other different errors that may have occurred along the way. Proofreading is where the book will be checked for any grammar errors, typos, punctuation errors and so on. Although this is a process that you can do by yourself, it is actually a known fact that the writer is the last person that should be doing this simply because they are already very familiar with the book and they know how they meant each sentence to go, so they won’t look at all of the tiny details as well as a new set of eyes will. Getting a professional proofreader is a great idea, but if that isn’t something that you can afford, you can always get a friend to help you out. As long as it is a fresh pair of eyes with a new outlook, you’ll be on the right track.

Don’t make the writing complicated

Another mistake that a lot of first time writers make is they think that if the writing style is more complicated and “flowery” people will like and appreciate the eBook more. The fact is that this just isn’t true. Although it may give a feel like you put some extra work and thought into the book, if the reader can’t understand the content and they have to look up every other word and see what its meaning is, they will probably give up on finishing the book all together. Stick to a writing style that is very easy to read and to understand, and if it’s a light hearted book try to also keep it conversational instead of academic. This may sound funny, but a lot of experts actually believe that the books that people like the most are written at an 8th grade reading level, so that is exactly what you should do as well.

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Just because you post something online it doesn’t mean that it will automatically be successful, especially if you are looking to make profits out of it, but the task is definitely not impossible. With the help of dos and don’ts like these you will be able to keep your eBook on the right track and sell eBooks online with great success.

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