Sell Furniture Online on Amazon: All about Amazon’s New Furniture Selling Platform

Have you heard about Amazon’s new furniture selling platform? Read and discover how to sell furniture online on Amazon!

Amazon had an official announcement – a new marketplace model for furniture selling is in progress. Amazon will no longer require furniture retailers to ship their items all over the world, instead, sellers who sell furniture online on Amazon can decide for themselves if they want to choose specific areas or regions for listing and shipping their furniture. The sellers are also able to offer local services, for example, set-up, white glove delivery, and etc. The fee Amazon charges for an unlimited number of listings is $39.99 plus 15% on the product sale and 20% on the services.

What should you know about Amazon’s new furniture selling platform? How will this program affect your online sale?

Well, what is interesting is that Amazon has recognized the importance of staying local when it comes to home decor and furniture. Amazon has not changed their 3rd party seller program for anyone (furniture category is just an exception). With the introduction of local listing, services, and shipping, they have accepted and recognized the importance of local retailers. Amazon, recently announced that they might be also opening their physical appliance and furniture shops. This would not be considered if they didn’t acknowledge the importance of multichannel experience when it comes to furniture and home decor.

So, what does this exactly mean for retailers?

Well, this is a great thing. This new program could be a great advantage if you want to sell furniture online on Amazon. The new program does not include some of the restrictions and rules that may have discouraged retailers before, for example, having to charge high shipping fees to ship across the country, and much more. Considering the fact that more than 50% of online shoppers start their search for items on Amazon, we must say that Amazon is a pretty attractive sales channel. However, you need to keep in mind that they take a big commission for every sale, but then again we must admit that extra visibility comes at extra cost.

So, what are your future plans? Are you interested in listing your furniture items on Amazon and take advantage of this new furniture selling program?

Besides Amazon, what are your favorite places to sell furniture online? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us (positive or negative) in the comments below.



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