Top 10 Places to Sell Furniture (New & Old Furniture) Online and Locally

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Finding the perfect website, platform or marketplace to sell furniture is really helpful! Here are top 10 places to check out!


You have decided to sell your old furniture because you are moving out and you need to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, you’ve bought a new piece of furniture but don’t really go with your home decor, you have decided to enter the furniture business? Well, regardless of your situation, you are probably looking for the perfect website, platform or marketplace to sell furniture online and locally.

In this article, we will present you the top 10 places, ideal for selling furniture (new or old furniture)

  1. Viyet – This company will send people to your home to check on the furniture you want to sell, with proper photos, measurements, and documents. You can keep the items at home or have them transferred to their warehouse.
  2. Route 66 Furniture – They collect furniture from different individuals and put them away in their own warehouse. You as a seller can name the price and if you need any assistance, these experts will help you come up with a fair price.
  3. Lushpad – This popular marketplace focuses on unique furniture. They motivate licensed individuals or shop owners to display their items at their website.
  4. Furnishly – This is an online marketplace which specialized in semi-curated items and there is a fee in which buyers can request direct shipment from sellers. The platform takes care of the commercial part.
  5. FleaPop – This website is perfect for selling both old and new furniture. You can also create your own online store. There is a 6% commission on every concluded sale.
  6. Oodle Marketplace – This is a very popular site for selling used furniture and a great way to get in touch with local buyers.
  7. Kijiji – This platform includes the strength of two auction websites – the unique nature of Craigslist and the popularity, as well as, price effectiveness of eBay.
  8. Etsy – This amazing platform is not all about handmade items, they are great for selling used furniture as well. The items you will find here range from old fashion to the types that are unique, bizarre, and wild.
  9. – This website has been around for quite some time now and unlike Craigslist, they are focused on buying and selling different items.
  10. – They are known for their user-friendly and easy navigation system and listing an item online is free of charge.

There you go! Top 10 websites where you can sell your old or new furniture!


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